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The projects we have been working on so far

Royal Blue Painting Painter Business Car


Art History Project



From ancient to modern art

Focusing on Western art

From a Christian personal

point of view.

Please read it.

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New ID: ​T-Shirt Project



With the spread of the coronavirus infection that is currently occurring, people around the world are find themselves in a state of vague anxiety, with an indistinct future. so people might feel stress and loneliness, also cautious about each other for the virus.

In those situations, people would rather chasing self-protection than loving their neighbors. And those emotional tendency might produce more exclusive situation,

if society lose the balance

which now we stand,

because today's world has become more enveloped in an air of hard to find

the HOPE in the future.


We have seen the phrase

"I'm not a virus” appear all over the world, but the words and the identity that we truly desire are not these. Precisely

because we live in such an age,

people need a New Identity.






Husband Birthday Meal Ideas Photo Collag

Kintsugi Art Project


The theme is 

“Where there is life, there is wholeness.”


This artwork is the world biggest Kintsugi artwork at the moment. And it was created working with a total of more than 100 multicultural and multi-ethnic volunteer staffs using Japan’s traditional Kintsugi technique for repairing over 150 pieces of broken pottery.

That's a world biggest Kintsugi Art Exhibition.


Based on a story in the Gospel of John in the Bible about a man who was born blind, this work expresses reconciliation between God and man also 

between man and man.




Novel Project                "Beyond the Eden"



After the Great East Japan Earthquake of 2011, the world turned into a place where things beyond one’s imagination could occur at any time. 


In other words, the present age is a world in which we cannot speak without acknowledging the presence of God,

the Creator. 


And so, where is our hope to live? We ask this question in the midst of devastation and in the light of the cross of Christ…

“Where have I come from,

and where am I going?”

“What is right and what is wrong?”

​I expressed this theme through this novel


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