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The Path to the Great Reset Seen in World Flag and Farm and Those Who Are Not Rich Before God

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

(Translated by Wix auto-translation)

”The World frag and farm / Yukinori Yanagi 1990

I have previously featured the photo above on my blog, but it is a work called “The World frag and farm” by Yukinori Yanagi, a contemporary Japanese artist. In this work, the symbols of each country, such as national flags and currency, are drawn in a plastic box using sand of various colors. and release live ants into it. Then, every time the ants move, the national flag and currency will crack along the path that the ants traveled, eventually breaking apart and changing shape. And the ants head to a new place from there. Ultimately, as you can see in the photo below, the sand of the collapsed national flag gathers in one place and becomes chaotic colors and shapes without order. It is a work that evokes a wide variety of metaphors.

Monetary pattern (below)

Yukinori Yanagi: Interview Video

The Great Reset is often compared to Noah's Ark. Certainly, it is Satan's artificial Noah's Ark policy, and the flood from heaven that sweeps away everything will be a self-made performance by them, but the process is more about the world flag and farm than the image of the flood. I feel that there is something closer to the image.

Because the ``1% of people who have it'' with their ``ultra-liberal eugenic ideology'' will have an abundance of food (fields and seeds) and edible animals (livestock) that they own exclusively are placed on their ark, and by performing their own work called "Flood (Plandemic with Vaccines/Planned War/Planned Food Crisis)" called "Great Reset", the people of the earth are "washed away (population reduction)". Its purpose is to create an artificial ``Esemilenium'' on this earth that places itself on the throne of the gods, while the remaining ones are also controlled by a digitalized totalitarian management system. I wonder.

In order to promote such a Great Reset, the first thing that is necessary is the process of "division" and "dismantling".

Those of the 'have 1%' are currently in the process of 'dividing' and 'dismantling' through this planned pandemic, through the Russo-Ukrainian War, and through the planned food crisis scenario beyond. appears to be doing

In the world of globalism, where everything is connected like the Internet, beyond the framework of all countries, such as Japan, the United States, and China, those who jumped on Satan's third temptation, this work Like the ants in , for their own greed and self-preservation, they continue to move without rest, using their capital and power to "dismantle" all the barriers created by the history and culture of the country.

Even in this corona, people are instigated by their one-sided lies and propaganda, and suffer pain in fear and anxiety. The masses are being cut down one after another, cut off from the truth in a world where information is controlled, and are following a course of blind obedience.

In this way, the vaccine offensive that began in 2020 has divided families, friends, and communities, destroyed the relationships between people and society, and between people and countries, and the culture and history that have been cultivated up to that point. As the lives of living people are easily trampled, dismantled, and symbolized, the dark-colored unnatural and distorted sands of the present planned war and planned food shortages in the future The shape of this has emerged in the work as a new shape of the world after "The Great Reset".

But all these are artificial imitations of what our Creator God does.

Satan, like the Creator God, is a finite being who cannot create things out of nothing. They are trying to transform creations (humans, animals, plants) into things that are convenient for them, and instead of the eternal kingdom of God on this earth, they are trying to build a finite kingdom of Satan. Because there is no

On that day, instead, God lifted up Christ's bride, the church, into heaven, into the grace of the Rapture (modeled after Noah's Ark), and instead brought God's wrath upon this earth. As the pouring down of Noah's flood (modeled after Noah's flood), he is given a "seven-year tribulation period". And finally, we will complete the "Millennium", the kingdom of God ruled by Christ, which can be said to be the second coming of the Garden of Eden. After 1000 years from now, Armageddon and the time of the final judgment, it will be succeeded to "New Jerusalem" and will become "Eternal Kingdom".

What an epic story. It is very different from the cheap story that Satan envisions. That is why we want to live in a world of joy in the Lord.

BecauseParable from Luke 12:16-21 , we would rather be rich before God than store up for our own greed and self-preservation.

Then he told the people a parable. "A certain rich man had a bountiful field, and he thought to himself, saying, 'What shall I do? I have no place to store my crops.' Let's tear it down and build a bigger one, and keep all the grain and possessions there, and say to your soul, 'My soul, I will have enough for many years to come. Now rest in peace, eat, drink, and be merry.' But God said to him, "Fool. Your soul will be taken from you tonight. Then who will own the things you have prepared? ’ So is he who stores up for himself but is not rich before God.

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