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Thought of the future of God's family in the 2nd chapter of the Covid Disaster through the Mud ball

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

(II: Corona Vaccine Edition)

(Translated by Wix auto-translation)

Make mud balls. The procedure is to mix soil, sand, and water in a ratio of 2:2:1, roll it up by hand, remove the moisture, and make the core of the mud dumpling. Soil and sand are gently poured over it, then carefully rolled, wrapped, rubbed, stroked, and rubbed. By repeating this process, a clean sphere is created first.

Then, after letting it rest for a while to remove the moisture, it is called sarako, which is called sarako. or Then, a film is formed on the sphere. Then, at a certain stage, the dumplings, which were just mud until then, become smooth, smooth, and finally shiny.

Because it is something that is carefully created like that, naturally attachment will also come. That's why I feel so happy and proud when the dumplings start to glow at the end.

However, this is very deep, and although there are some reference books, there is no uniformity in what they say, and the use depends more on the sense of the hand of the person making it than the manual, so I made a lot of them. There is no choice but to raise the experience value. That's why I collect local soil and make it by following what I see.

But this is not straightforward. Even if it seems possible, it will take 3 days to 2 weeks to slowly remove the moisture. A few days later, the glowing mud dumplings created like this will crack on the surface and eventually break. Even just making one requires perseverance and perseverance.

Since I started making mud dumplings two months ago, I have already made nearly 30 dumplings. . . The mud dumpling in the photo is one of them. A few days later, when I woke up in the morning, there were cracks in the mud dumplings that I made carefully and carefully like my own children, and it was nothing but a shock.

Because when I was working hard to make those dumplings, I never imagined that the dumplings would break. I once threw a broken dumpling against the wall and cried because things didn't go as planned.

But then I thought the cracked mud dumplings were also tasty, so I kept them. Then, when I randomly arranged them on the floor, those "unbreakable mud balls" suddenly spoke to my heart as something else. It was such an inspiration. From now on, I will write down what I thought while making mud balls about the corona vaccine, the current society, and us living in it, which I have been watching the trend for the past two years, and what I thought. .

In May 2021, there were almost no corona-infected people in NZ at that time, life without a mask was protected, and vaccination had not started yet except for medical workers. I think it was a rare situation in the world. It was like we were living in a different world. However, after that, when I returned to Japan from New Zealand with the guidance of God, more than 80% of the people had already received the first and second vaccines, which were still in clinical trials and unknown, as a matter of course.

So be it. At that time, the government and other major media argued that vaccination would free people from wearing masks for a long time, prevent infection, and prevent aggravation. And the effect lasts for the rest of your life if you hit it twice. And free from the mask life, everyone will be free. But in order to do that, everyone has to hit the vaccine and create herd immunity. Because he said so. So people followed suit. But where is that reality now, two years later? Even though everyone has been hit, the number of infected people is increasing.

Because at that time, all opposition to vaccination was suppressed and labeled as a hoax, and in the pressure of conformity, only false information continued to be circulated on the public airwaves. So everyone hit the vaccine as a matter of course. Because I thought it was true. Unfortunately, many people still live in it.In particular, the manipulation of impressions by the media against the elderly was such as to incite fear. If I was shown a video of people falling flat in Wuhan, and was told that elderly people are particularly susceptible to the coronavirus, and that they are more likely to become seriously ill, I would like to think not only about my own health, but also about not causing trouble for my family. As a result, nearly 90% of elderly people rushed to receive the vaccine twice.

Currently, in Shizuoka Prefecture, where I live, the fourth vaccination has started in May 2022. In July, the number of infected people reached a record high, and elderly people were lining up at the entrance of the hospital every day to get vaccinated.

Today (July 22, 2022), Governor Koike of Tokyo requested the citizens of Tokyo to be vaccinated and repeatedly stressed that "vaccines repel viruses!" I guess I'm using it in the sense that it's effective. However, as a result of its ineffectiveness, isn't it possible that the number of infected people is increasing rapidly instead of decreasing even if most of the people get 2, 3, or even 4 shots?

Also, even among the elderly, most of them had no serious side effects after being hit three times in the past. It is true that older people are less likely to have side effects than younger people, and because their metabolism is not active, they are less likely to react to vaccines, and in many cases it takes a relatively long time to develop aftereffects of vaccines. So many people attend for a new vaccination without any doubts.

However, it is possible that some of these people unconsciously produce spike proteins in their bodies due to the influence of mRNA, and themselves become shedding transmitters. You probably haven't noticed.

It's the same for people under the age of 60. At that time, the appearance of new mutant strains, delta strains, etc., caused a situation where medical sites were under pressure everywhere. The public was shown only reports that gave a scary impression. It would be so. This is because many doctors and hospitals across the country are unable to respond because the government will not change the treatment of infectious diseases from Category 5 to Category 2 no matter how long it takes.

There are 1.6 million hospital beds in Japan. However, only 1.8% of them have corona-friendly beds. For that reason, many of the corona patients for a while had to recuperate at home, and the initial treatment was not going well, which was a painful experience. This is because, although it was called home care, the reality was that it was neglected at home, and I think there were many people who died as a result of being left at home without proper medical care. It also

It became a fear.

However, if you open the lid, the focus on TV was only in some medical sites, and of the 1.8% of hospital beds for corona at that time, nearly half of the beds were not used. was revealed later. With some patients staying at home, why didn't the government actively accept them? There would have been many lives that could not have been saved. Why was there a need to stage such a medical emergency without saving lives that could be saved?

In the first place, as of October 2021, only 1.3% of all Japanese citizens were infected with the coronavirus, and the rate of seriousness among people under the age of 50 was only about 0.3%. Moreover, most of those who become seriously ill are those who have underlying diseases, and the reality is that they are rarely affected.

In addition, the current Omicron strain is attenuated, so most of them are just like a common cold, many are asymptomatic, and few people develop severe symptoms. Of course, it may sometimes be accompanied by high fever and joint pain like the flu, but nothing more. So don't be afraid to take 1000mg of vitamins continuously and you'll be fine, but the country won't change this corona from type 2 to type 5 no matter how long it takes.

Since it is possible to treat in general hospitals if it is classified as 5, is medical care tight? I don't even have to. (Although it wasn't tight in the first place) In the UK and other countries, corona is already treated like a normal cold, so people don't even wear masks on a regular basis. Because even if you always wear a mask wherever you go as an infection control like Japan and treat corona as a type 2 serious disease, if you were to ask which country has the highest number of infected people in the world, it would be Because this is Japan.

In other words, we are doing our best to do almost meaningless things. Why? That's because the country still wants to incite the fear of the public and get a new vaccine with every "reason" for the third and fourth time, including pregnant women and children.

In this vaccine riot, even the medical personnel who administer the vaccine properly explain the risks of the vaccine to the patient and obtain sufficient agreement between the doctor and the patient before administering the vaccine. It was also revealed that the "outlet" was not properly installed. Doctors receive a subsidy of 2,000 to 5,000 yen just for one shot of the vaccine, and since the more the vaccine is given, the more the amount increases, people with medical licenses, including dentists, flock to this festival. rice field. That's why this vaccine commotion was also a test of the ethics of doctors.

In addition, the media has been reporting positive PCR test-positive people, that is, infected people, but it has not changed at all even now. So currently, there are free PCR test sites all over the country, but the point is to increase the number of positive people = the number of infected people, and this exists to induce people to get vaccinated. ing. Does everyone know that this is a less reliable test tool that even reacts to cola and orange juice?

The person who created the PCR, Dr. Carrie Mullis himself, said that this kit should never be used for infectious disease testing, but for some reason it was used after his death. and has reached the present.

In this way, the country has recommended vaccination like a raging wave through the media and using all means in a way that arouses people's fear. So much so that the prime minister asked for it directly on television. And this kind of vaccination is not only in Japan, but it has been done all over the world, such as America, England, EU, Australia, New Zealand, China, Taiwan, Singapore, etc.


Since when? Governments have become loyal "servants" of WHO and CDC. Blindly obeying the decision and one-sided information, purchasing large amounts of emergency approved Pfizer and Moderna vaccines without sufficient clinical trials, without careful discussion or fair explanation I continue to hit the nation with. The result is the current situation.

Why do countries around the world obey the WHO and CDC, forcing vaccines depending on the country and occupation, suppressing demonstrations with riot police, and using the police just because they don't wear masks? Were they subduing citizens, sometimes beating them, locking them up in isolation facilities?

In a previous video overseas, I saw a police officer wearing a mask while holding down and beating a civilian who was not wearing a mask, saying, "This is to protect your health!" All Japanese people are obedient and quiet, so public demonstrations are rare, but many demonstrations were held in other countries to confront this absurd reality.

In other words, it is no exaggeration to say that this corona vaccine commotion has really thrown the whole world into chaos.

At this point, I can't help but think that the population reduction plan by Bill Gates and other "1% who have it" is not just a conspiracy theory.

Actually, Bill Gates has been talking to people about this pandemic, vaccines, and depopulation plans even before this corona pandemic happened. He also predicted the outbreak of monkeypox (smallpox), which is now spreading all over the world, even before it happened. Why does he know anything in advance? . . It is very strange.

One is that it is Bill Gates himself who has gained a huge amount of wealth from this vaccine 'business'. Pharmaceutical company Pfizer posted a profit of ¥4.5 trillion in fiscal 2021. Its major shareholder is Bill Gates himself. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation also funds the WHO. In other words, it is the de facto owner of WHO. Until now, the "1% of people who have it", including the United States, have been actively engaged in war business, but this time the vaccine business will be targeted, and next time food or water will be the target, but this is also worth watching. is necessary.

When you check the movement of money like this, you can see things. In fact, during this corona pandemic, the "1% of the haves" have significantly increased their wealth, while 500 million of the "99% of the have-nots" have been unable to live another day. There was no poverty. The power of their 1% multinational corporations is now moving far beyond the power of the state. This is the destination of neoliberalism.

However, once they have established their own position, these ``1% of the haves'' have put everything from environmental issues to human rights issues, from labor issues to health issues on the table under the name of SDGs. I took it out to The environment, resources, countries, people, and things that we have sacrificed for the expansion of our company up until now are all common problems and shared responsibilities of the world. While promoting good intentions, he is steering toward a totalitarian unified government.

In fact, even in this vaccine uproar, the pharmaceutical companies have instructed the governments of each country to conceal the truth (such as the actual situation of vaccine side effects) that is inconvenient for pharmaceutical companies for at least 10 years. Regarding this, absurd and unequal contracts have been concluded with governments of various countries, including the Japanese government, so that pharmaceutical companies are best protected.

Unfair treaties between Pfizer and governments / Atsushi Nakamura / Nakamura Clinic NOTE

This godless world ruled by the 1% who have it is exactly what the Bible describes in the end times.

In Matthew 24 and Luke 21, it is written that wars, earthquakes, plagues and famines will occur in various places in the end times. And 2 Timothy 3 tells us that in the last days there will be difficult times. Then people will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, unthankful, disobedient to their parents, and blasphemers. . .

Also, four horses appear in Revelation chapter 6, but after the church was raptured, when the era entered the tribulation period, "war", "famine", and "death" accompanied the appearance of "antichrist". It is prophesied that will cover this earth and kill a quarter of the world's population, but as of 2022, events as a prelude to that are already happening all over the world. You will feel that the second coming of Christ is not far away.

In other words, this pandemic is not just a natural disaster that occurs spontaneously and disappears with time as if nothing had happened, but it is done as a work of man in this end time by the work of Satan. I can see that it is an extremely artificial "plague" plan.

In fact, as the CEO of Pfizer admits, this vaccine is not a conventional vaccine created to produce antibodies in the human body by extracting the necessary elements from the coronavirus that exists in nature. It is clearly stated that it is a vaccine that they made "artificially" in the laboratory. And its contents are still unknown. That's why it's labeled as being in clinical trials until 2023. So that we don't have to take responsibility for it. . .

But now that America is starting to reveal the truth, little by little.

FOX NEWS Tucker Carlson "It turns out that virtually everything the CDC said about COVID was wrong

A. Fauci, D. Burks: Remarks on Vaccine Harm and Ineffectiveness

I knew that vaccines could not prevent corona infection

We are in a "war" with vaccines.

Exactly what the Bible says. Where Revelation 18:23 describes the fall of Babylon the Great,

'For your merchants were the mighty men of the earth, and all nations were deceived by your magic. "a.

The word ``witchcraft'' in the original Greek is ``PHARMAKEIA,'' meaning ``medicine'' or ``medicine.'' This account itself is about the second half of the Tribulation, but the merchants (business people) are the mighty men of this earth, and all the nations use their "medicine" and "medicine" to is a very modern and meaningful content. The Bible always gives us the truth.

By the way, perhaps because of the influence of replacement theology, Japanese churches tend not to talk about the Apocalypse, but if they don't talk now, when will they? I feel that overseas churches are more proactive in speaking out. It goes without saying that we need a safe message as an adaptation to life, but I think that such micro-messages are more useful when there are macro-messages. But what do you think?

Of course, the reverse is also true, and it is also a problem to emphasize only the macro message and not adapt to the faith life that does not see our feet, but the important thing is the micro It must be a sense of macro balance.

In fact, if we talk about hunger and food, after the war between Russia and Ukraine started, due to the effects of this war, the distribution of wheat, which had been imported from Russia until then, and fertilizers for growing crops stopped. It's gone.

Because of the murder of former Prime Minister Abe, Japan, which has lost its connection with Russia, will continue to have to pierce through anti-Russia as the US and EU do. If this happens, the price of food, including wheat, will rise further in the future, and the fear of famine will come out. In particular, Japan has a very low food self-sufficiency rate of 37% (and most of its wheat and soybeans are imported), so it will be necessary to prepare for that in the future.

At the end of the Edo period, when the black ships arrived, Japan faced many problems such as large earthquakes and famine, and the domestic situation was tense. If this continues, Japan will collapse. Or become a foreign colony. Our predecessors who carried out the Meiji Restoration in the midst of such turmoil protected the country with wisdom and fought against all kinds of difficulties. To leave a good country for future generations. . .

That's why young people living in the future shouldn't be vaccinated with the possibility of serious side effects because there is almost no corona infection or severe disease rate, but the age is young. In order to protect their families and the elderly, the government has been thoroughly recommending vaccinations for everyone, from adults to children, under the guise of "compassion vaccines."

And as a result, there is currently a disconnect between society, family, friends, lovers, parents and children, etc., due to the aftereffects of vaccines and shedding. . . .

If you can't hit a child, why hit an adult? Why did you recommend it to pregnant women? This is because, in order to stick to the theory that vaccines are good, the government could not maintain its own ``logic of haribote'' unless all ages were involved.

In addition, vaccination is boldly carried out in schools and workplaces, and although it should be voluntary, there is a pressure to conform to it, and if you do not do something, you will feel guilty. There was definitely an atmosphere. So there must have been a lot of people who shot him.

However, in Japan as well, recently, it has become clear that much of the information that the government has been disclosing has been false. It's the usual post-game rock-paper-scissors.

Junior high school girl suffering from vaccine aftereffects (YouTube)

The vaccine is also ineffective, according to data from the British Health Authority. You can also see the data for Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture.

The mortality rate is the graph below (that is, the rate of severe disease)

Data from Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture: Does a vaccine have an effect in preventing severe disease?

Recently, a case of data falsification by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare came to light, and it turned out that everything was a clever lie. . .

CBC News / Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare Vaccination Data Falsification

Supplementary video (Nico Nico Douga)

So even now, the major media continue to incite fear and invite people to get more vaccinations, saying what will happen if they get the corona virus and the aftereffects of the corona virus, but as the above data tells us. In addition, the more you hit the vaccine, the easier it will be to get coronavirus.

As of July 2022, the number of infected people has not decreased, and the corona will not subside no matter how long it takes, and this time the 7th wave will come. In other words, in the face of the current situation where breakthrough infections are everywhere, there is currently a "reversal phenomenon" between those who have been vaccinated and those who have not.

Because the mass media has blamed the unvaccinated people for the spread of infection. But in the face of the reality of what is happening now, that is no longer possible. That's why recent news doesn't talk about the breakdown of infected people like before. Most of those infected are vaccinated.

The other day, on ABEMA TV, a conservative vaccine proponent told another panelist about the incident that there was a metal piece in Moderna's vaccine before, and it changed two times three times later. And given that the government's views were blatantly false, are such vaccines really safe? When asked about it, he replied, ``I don't know if you said that. It's not the country's fault.

Until then, despite being protected by the government and the mass media and blaming the anti-vaccine and cautious groups, as time passed, the inconvenient truths began to come to light more and more. no one can answer that question. It seems that the mass media, which has so badly instilled fear in the people, is waiting for the right moment to turn its back on them.

In this way, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, which has been advocating vaccines for a long time, is beginning to admit the existence of not only vaccine side effects but also vaccine aftereffects due to the difficulty of concealing the situation. It clearly acknowledges that the likelihood of developing myocarditis is high, especially after vaccination. It would be so. Looking at the actual data, I have no choice but to say so.

2021 myocarditis incidence data / Vaccine Adverse Side Effects List (Japanese translation)

But that's not all. If we list some of the actual daily health hazards, thrombosis, cerebral infarction, cerebral hemorrhage, eczema, herpes zoster, brain fog, dizziness, joint pain, rheumatism, headache, depression, irritability, dullness, malaise, and insomnia. , Irregular menstruation, menstrual bleeding, miscarriage, nosebleeds, herpes, paralysis of all parts of the body, etc. After vaccination, these symptoms continue for a long time, and serious aftereffects that make it impossible to lead a normal social life. is now on the rise.

Because the vaccine itself has the function of suppressing the immune system that humans originally have, it weakens the resistance to the disease. At first, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare and other experts said that mRNA would not be reverse transcribed, that is, it would be quickly degraded in the body, so it would not be rewritten, but in February 2022, a Swedish researcher clarified. As you can see, it is actually being done, and in the body of a person who has been inoculated with an mRNA-type vaccine such as Pfizer or Moderna, the spike protein continues to be mass-produced using the cells of that person's body. . And it's making blood clots through the bloodstream, causing all sorts of health hazards.

In other words, the immune cells of the human body are continuously destroyed, weakening the immune system. Therefore, after vaccination, all kinds of health hazards are more likely to occur. Also, in recent years, there have been cases of turbo cancer, where even if you think you have cancer, you can easily get stage 4, or a simple cold can turn into a serious illness, or sudden adult death syndrome caused by the younger generation. . In fact, since vaccination began, a staggering number of athletes have collapsed during games and have been unable to play again. This is also the effect of vaccines.

Of course, not all vaccines are the same, as each vaccine has a lot number that affects the composition of the injectable solution, as it is still in clinical trials. That's why not everyone will have a serious side effect, and it won't be a vaccine aftereffects in the future. Some people have no real impact. I am truly grateful to God. The problem is that this vaccine is an unknown vaccine and that there are actually many victims.

So the most important thing is don't vaccinate anymore! In particular, it is better to never hit after the second time. But if you still hit it, it's better not to hit it any more. Because this vaccine shouldn't be shot in the first place.

The next thing is to do what you can in your daily life to maintain your immunity while detoxifying the vaccine that you have shot as much as possible. Then, as the effect of the vaccine fades, the power of the suppressed natural immunity will return, and I expect that the state will return to normal.

In fact, according to Masayasu Inoue, professor emeritus at Osaka City University, people who have been vaccinated by AstraZeneca seem to mass-produce spike proteins semi-permanently in their bodies. In the case of , it seems that after about a month, the antibody to the vaccine will decrease and the amount of spike protein mass-produced in the body will also decrease (I also hope so. However, it peaks in the fourth month. There is also a theory that it is out.In any case, the more times this vaccine is being tested, the more likely it is to be infected with the virus and the more severe it tends to be, so there are various theories). It is the key to recovery.

If you really need help, there's a contact.

National Association of Volunteer Doctors

List of clinics where you can consult about aftereffects of vaccines in Japan (Google Map)

But the real problems will come, not before.

Yes. The future problems are not only various diseases, cancers, and sudden deaths that will increase at an accelerated rate due to the weakening of the immune system due to vaccination, but also the government and the media will cover up these facts and continue to fight for themselves. In order to affirm our recommended vaccine, we will use the "new mutant strain" and "monkeypox" that will be used in the future, in order to incite people's fears and induce new vaccinations again. How will the public respond to new information?

Especially since the symptoms of monkeypox are similar to those of shingles, you'd conveniently attribute the symptoms of shingles and rashes from vaccine aftereffects to monkeypox as well.

However, will the Japanese people continue to get their fourth and fifth doses of Pfizer, Moderna, and even Nonovax vaccines without question?

Or believe in the power of natural immunity given to humans as a gift from God, strengthen it, and if some kind of health damage has already occurred, suspect the adverse effects of the vaccine and detox it. are you going? Now is the turning point.

By June 2022, this vaccine has 34,120 side reaction reports, of which 7,460 are serious reaction reports, and more than 1,700 deaths have been in human history. , is a uniquely harmful vaccine. (By the way, the government recognized 849 of them as side effects/serious reactions, but none of the fatal cases were recognized. This includes people who died immediately after vaccination.) p>

That's the vaccine. There's still time so don't hit any more!

I've been talking about vaccinated people all this time. >Shedding issues.

Shedding is the excretion of spike proteins (or graphene oxide, or both) from the vaccinated body through their sweat, breath, etc. It is a phenomenon that appears as a health hazard, especially for those who have not been vaccinated. Pfizer also acknowledges the shedding in official documents, and it is a fact that anyone can confirm. If you look at SNS such as Twitter, there are reports of shedding damage in workplaces and schools here and there.

Pfizer acknowledges shedding fact.

In other words, until then, both vaccinated and non-vaccinated people had different understandings of vaccines, but what was able to exist and share as the same community was the spike protein by vaccinated people (especially third-time vaccinated people). Even now, there are many cases of shedding damage to unvaccinated people due to the unconscious spread of the virus. And as time goes on, it will become more apparent.

Summary of Shedding Damage Examples

How can shedding be proven?

Of course, not all vaccinated individuals become shedding transmitters. However, this is something that you can't know unless you are affected by it, so you can't know who's like it until you're affected by it.

In addition, even among the same unvaccinated people, there are people who are easily affected and those who are not affected at all. However, of course, if you go to a closed place with a lot of people, the possibility of being damaged increases, and the same goes for hot springs, saunas, pools, etc.

One of the purposes of booster inoculation is to spread shedding.

But my personal experience is that those who have been vaccinated for the third and subsequent times are much more likely to do so than those who have been vaccinated before. This also varies from person to person, and only the victims can know the reality of it, and that is precisely why it is so difficult. Because this fact is too heavy reality, it is very difficult for non-vaccinated people to explain this to vaccinated people who have zero information.

Also, the troublesome part of this shedding is that even among vaccinated people, those who have received only 1 or 2 doses can be affected by shedding from those who have received 3 or 4 doses. It means that there is This is probably due to differences in the amount of spike protein produced in the body.

However, I don't think that Shedding's transmitter will produce the same amount of spike protein forever. As Professor Inoue says, I expect that it will decrease with the efficacy of the vaccine. But if the vaccinated person gets a booster shot, the effects of shedding begin again.

In other words, the difficulty of this problem is that the transmitter side is overwhelmingly unaware, and the receiver side is forced to make a difficult choice as to how to interact with the transmitter in such a situation. There is

So here is the discontinuity. . .

As a matter of course, vaccinated people live in information that is convenient for them. Moreover, as long as it is a large gate, including major media, the streets are overflowing with information that can affirm one's position. So unless there is a real health hazard to yourself or your loved ones, you will never notice it.

On the other hand, non-vaccinated people, from the beginning of the vaccine offensive to the present, have survived all the pressures of conformity in social life, and affirm their position as a very minority. In order to do so, instead of relying on TV, newspapers, and official media such as GOOGLE, we will continue to use reliable search sites such as Duckduckgo, SNS such as Twitter, video sites such as Nico Nico Douga instead of YouTube, and overseas information. I think that I have armed myself with information while learning what is true. (Recently, it seems that YouTube's ban check has become lighter)

But there are very obvious, invisible grooves, and walls. According to the 8th chapter of Corinthians in the New Testament, the vaccinated were once strong and the unvaccinated were weak, but now the vaccinated are weak and the unvaccinated are strong. It might be, but in any case Paul is saying here not to be a stumbling block for the weak.

Especially in the Christian churches in Japan, most of the members of the church, which is said to have about 1 million people, are now over 60 years old. In fact, more than 75% of Japanese churches are over 60 years old, and the average age of believers is 62 years old. The pastor is also of similar age. In other words, it can be assumed that most people in the church are vaccinated on their third or fourth dose.

From children to the elderly, the church is God's family, oneness in the Lord is what the body of Christ should be. However, if there is actual shedding damage by vaccinated and non-vaccinated people (especially after the third dose), what should we do? . .

Examples of shedding damage are obvious if you look at Twitter and the blogs of doctors who are serious about vaccine aftereffects.

NOTE by Dr. Atsushi Nakamura

List of doctors who can consult about shedding damage

Actually, shedding damage causes the same symptoms as vaccine aftereffects even for those who have not been vaccinated. Because it's a health hazard caused by the spike protein (as well as graphene oxide) emitted by the inoculator's body. In that sense, society and the church in the future will be placed in the pain of both vaccinated and non-vaccinated people. It is already happening now.

It's been more than a year since we entered 2021, which means that vaccinations have started all over the world, but what do you think? Is there anyone around you, at school, at work, or at church who has suddenly lost their health or suddenly got cancer in the past year?

Because the effects of vaccines have suppressed and destroyed the power of the natural immune system, making it more susceptible to various diseases. Furthermore, is there anyone suffering from vaccine aftereffects or symptoms of shedding?

In other words, in such a reality, how should the church protect the peace and safety of the "family of God" from now on? . . This is a big issue.

And in the reality of the hopeless information gap between vaccinated and non-vaccinated people, how are we going to be honest with each other in the future?

In the end, if you don't have any influence, it may end up as someone else's problem. In a way, it's "thankful", but isn't it necessary to keep in mind that there is actually such a reality?

As the book of Revelation says, we are in the end times. As in Matthew 24, just as wars, earthquakes, and famines are happening everywhere, artificial epidemics caused by corona vaccines are happening all over the world.

And this is not the work of God, it is the work of man, created by man's sin.

And we seem to be saying 'Peace, peace', and many have health concerns and problems within them. And it will continue to accelerate further.

We are all sinners alike. Because the only perfect being is Jesus Himself. No one, vaccinated or unvaccinated, is perfect.

In other words, in the concept of mud dumplings, none of them are glowing mud dumplings, they are all "broken mud dumplings". Things that should not be broken, things that have been carefully made with time and love, and their bodies and relationships are quietly cracking. . .

It is not only in Japan, but in every country in the world where vaccination has been carried out, Christians and churches have come to a point where they must face that reality.

For example, if the vaccine causes health problems in the future, should we live without knowing anything about it?

And should unvaccinated people live as far away from vaccinated people as possible to avoid the effects of shedding?

Is one a cracked mudball and one a glowing mudball?

Is the 'Fragrance of Christ' there?

Now that the world is so advanced in vaccination

Acknowledge that each other is already in the "pain",

Keep Your Eyes on Jesus, the Author and Finisher of the Faith

If you accept each other as a cracked ball of mud,

The Lord will open the way for resolution and reconciliation there.

In John 9 there is a story about a man who was born blind.

Jesus and his disciples saw a man born blind on the road.

The disciples questioned Jesus about him.

Teacher, who sinned that he was born blind?

Is this person? Or their parents?

Jesus answered. "This person did not commit a crime, but

Neither parents. so that the works of God may be manifested in him."

Is it his fault or his parents that he is blind?

The disciples asked that.

But the Lord's answer was that the glory of the Lord should be revealed upon him.

Thus the Lord always shows us a "third way" beyond our comprehension.

That's why I want to explore that path as well.

Because, even if this corona vaccine ruckus was caused by the sin of man,

If it is done with the Lord's permission

It's not bad for the vaccinated, and it's not the bad for the unvaccinated.

All for the glory of the Lord to be revealed upon it

Because God works there.

In our eyes, we are all sinners, imperfect and chipped "broken balls of mud". But in the eyes of the Lord, we are all children of God who reflect His light.

It's a glowing mud ball.

Based on the above thoughts, I would like to be involved in the production of mud dumpling art from now on.

And like the Kintsugi art exhibition, I would like to do it with as many people as possible.

Finally, I'd like to share what I'm actually doing and recommending to others as much as possible for vaccine detox, anti-shedding, and boosting immunity. I want to finish.

First of all, I'm not a doctor, nor am I a medical expert. So to survive, I'm learning online from trusted experts who are researching coronaviruses and the aftereffects of coronavirus vaccines. As long as this virus and vaccine are unknown, no one will tell you even if you go to a general hospital, and basically no one knows, so in order to protect yourself, you have to learn by yourself.

However, I would like to list here the ones that I actually tried. However, I think that there are of course individual differences, so I would like you to read it as a reference only.

The image below is Dr. Nakamura's note that I often refer to since the start of this corona turmoil. The URL for Dr. Nakamura's NOTE is already listed above, so be sure to check it out. Dr. Nakamura researches coronaviruses, coronavirus vaccines, aftereffects and shedding, and conducts relief activities and lectures for victims all over the country. He explains the coronavirus and the coronavirus vaccine clearly and concisely as follows.

One more thing.

Image above / quoted from Nakamura Atsushi / Nakamura Clinic NOTE

First, the coronavirus, and then the coronavirus vaccine, are basically mitochondrial poisons. Furthermore, although not mentioned above, the spike protein of the coronavirus in the natural world is more virulent in the artificial vaccine. and that it is harmful to humans.

Of course, I can't say that vaccines are 100% useless. Because if it was just poison, no one would hit it. As you can see on the following site, it may have had a certain effect as an artificial immunity against the early Wuhan-type virus. (There are various theories, so I don't know too well) However, it has little effect on mutant strains, and on the contrary, it promotes infection and may cause serious side effects. At the same time, we should not forget that it is something that lowers the work of the people, and that no one will take responsibility for anything that happens.

NEWS Post Seven article (Dr. Makoto Kondo)

Now, back to the topic, what are mitochondria? The human body consists of about 60 trillion cells, and each cell has 100 to 4000 mitochondria. do. Mitochondria produce 95% of the metabolic energy (ATP) necessary for human life activities. It also acts as a detoxifier that removes chemicals and toxins that have accumulated in cells. So it is very important for our health.

However, when a vaccine is inoculated, due to the influence of mRNA, which is a genetically modified vaccine, the spike protein continuously produced in the cell damages the mitochondria in the same cell, weakening its function and destroying the cell. and weaken the human immune system. That's why we need to eliminate those toxins and strengthen the work of mitochondria. That is vaccine detox and immune strengthening.

Corona vaccine detox method (summary)

About the harm of corona vaccine and how to detox

(There are a lot of medical terms, so it's a little difficult for me, but I think it's a good content)

The coronavirus countermeasures, shedding countermeasures, and immunity strengthening measures that I have been mainly practicing since 2021 are "autophagy" first.

The non-profit organization (FLCCC) for the purpose of corona treatment (and vaccine sequelae treatment) in the United States has also raised autophagy as the first treatment protocol for vaccine sequelae. See below for details.

FLCCC website

Hatori Morning Show "Autophagy Feature

I think there are various methods for autophagy, but

In my case, for the past three months, I only have a hand-made enzyme drink and a cup of coffee every morning. I rarely eat snacks between meals, and I try to create a state where I am hungry as much as possible. And I refrain from sugary foods during the day and night so that I don't feel full.

Because autophagy works there. Autophagy is the Greek word for auto (self) fuzzy (eating), and it is activated when a person is hungry. , It is a wonderful thing that activates the metabolism of cells and (although there are various theories) kills viruses and pathogens in cells. Professor Okuma of Japan won the Nobel Prize for his research on this autophagy. discovered by the Japanese.

Surprisingly, autophagy is given top priority as an indispensable therapeutic method in both the treatment of coronaviruses and the treatment of vaccine sequelae. Above all, I am grateful that God has given us these bodily functions to protect the human body from bad viruses and pathogens. Also, if you look at the diet content for autophagy to work efficiently, you can understand why the diet practiced by Daniel and others in Daniel chapter 1 protected their health and made their bodies stronger. .

Actually, autophagy as a vaccine detox is more like fasting than Professor Yoshimori says on YouTube, but in fact, my acquaintance has recovered from the severe condition of corona by fasting. Having experienced dramatic recovery, I am convinced of the efficacy of autophagy.

And what I highly recommend here is enzyme drinks. It's not a product you can buy on Amazon, it's a handmade enzyme drink you make with your own hands. Enzyme drinks are all the rage these days, but those that are distributed as products must be heat sterilized according to food rules, which kills the enzymes. So it doesn't make much sense to buy something expensive. However, if you can make your own, you can inoculate live enzymes every day.

In the spring, over 30 kinds of natural wild grasses that have survived the cold of winter and spread their leaves powerfully from the land that has not been sown with pesticides are used to make "spring enzymes", and at the beginning of summer, plums is harvested to make "plum enzyme". And in autumn, we make “Autumn Enzyme” mainly from seasonal fruits, root vegetables, beans, and other vegetables that warm the body.

This spring, at the recommendation of my sister, I attended a workshop on handmade enzymes. Collect spring wildflowers that grow naturally. Enzymes extracted from wild grasses grown in the sunshine and fertile land are surprisingly delicious, and when you drink it, you can feel that it spreads to your body properly. Currently, it's plum enzyme season, so I'm drinking it.

Hippocrates, the father of medicine, once said, "All diseases begin in the intestines." Therefore, "All health begins in the intestines." It works to soothe the intestines. In other words, keeping your intestines healthy will protect you from all kinds of diseases.

I wrote about "vegetable soup" in an article before, but this "enzyme drink", like vegetable soup, is indispensable for me to boost my immune system. Because I feel the effect. And the best thing is to take both.

Previous blog post: “Vegetable Soup and a Walk”←Immune Strengthening

Drink a cup of this every morning for breakfast. Since I started taking this, my physical condition, especially my bowel movements, has improved greatly. Evidence that intestinal bacteria are activated. I feel that my body has become lighter from the inside, and I feel that I am filled with strength from the inside. That's why this enzyme drink is just the right accompaniment to autophagy for me, a glutton. In fact, if you read the book below, it is written, but it is also true that there are many cases where cancer and atopic dermatitis have been cured. Recommended.

However, there is a way to make homemade enzymes, and if you don't do it correctly, it won't be very effective. Thank you for your help, and I've uploaded the method I'm actually trying below.

Kyoto Handmade Enzyme Association

Handmade Enzyme (Book: Fumio Kawamura)

And next, I would like to recommend ivermectin for measures against coronavirus, vaccine sequelae, and shedding.

I have never had Corona before. I haven't been vaccinated, so I take ivermectin mainly as a countermeasure against shedding, when I know for sure that I've been affected by shedding.

One day I had a meeting, and I met many people in a small place. I had a long talk with a person who had already received the third vaccination, and when I drove home, I suddenly had a fever of 39 degrees, and my whole body was shivering with chills. I hurriedly took a bath and added magnesium chloride, but this time I was attacked by sudden nausea, so I took ivermectin along with 1000 mg of vitamin C and zinc. After 2 hours, the fever went down, the chills and nausea disappeared, and it was back to normal.

I touched on shedding earlier, but this is something only unvaccinated people know, but not everyone who is vaccinated becomes a transmitter of shedding. There are also degrees of difference. But I feel that there are many cases of people hitting more than 3 times.

This has happened many times. At one point, she suddenly developed a rash on her body due to shedding. It also disappeared after taking ivermectin. In this way, Ivermectin has helped me many times.

Actually, on Twitter, actual experiences and opinion exchanges regarding shedding are conducted on a daily basis. If you take a peek, you might find out a lot of things. Also, Dr. Nakamura's NOTE mentioned above contains many examples and how to deal with them, so I think you should refer to them.

Now, ivermectin is currently not available in Japan. That's why I'm doing a personal import. Ivermectin is effective against coronaviruses, vaccine sequelae, shedding, and has a preventive effect. Best of all, it has been used by billions of people around the world, is generic, inexpensive, has no side effects, and is highly safe. It's a magic bullet that kills several birds with one stone.

Ivermectin was originally discovered by Professor Satoshi Omura, a Nobel Prize-winning scientist, from soil microorganisms in Shizuoka Prefecture. In other words, it is a drug that is derived from nature and has been taken by many people all over the world and is amazed by its effects.

Currently, a considerable amount of ivermectin is imported by Japanese individuals and seems to be possessed by individuals. We recommend that you consult with your clinic. Moreover, it seems that online medical treatment is also available, so I think I can consult even if there is a distance.

In addition, most countries and regions around the world that have used ivermectin without relying on vaccination have not been infected with corona. In Japan as well, ivermectin could be used as a cheap and safe anti-corona drug as soon as the government approved it, but it has not been approved yet due to vaccine rights.

Best interests over human life (articles related to ivermectin)

In the first place, the country said this in April 2020. (Ivermectin related article)

However, after that, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare did not approve domestic approval of ivermectin in order to promote vaccination. Instead, it has approved harmful vaccines such as Pfizer and Moderna, and has so far invested about 2.4 trillion yen in government tax dollars to purchase about 880 million doses of the vaccine. (However, it is in the news that many of them have recently been scrapped.)

For ivermectin, I recommend Dr. Kazuhiro Nagao's corona channel, who has been appealing its usefulness in the media since the beginning of this corona turmoil. (now it's nagao channel) I'm going to put a link below.

Dr. Kazuhiro Nagao Official Website

Dr. Kazuhiro Nagao (Nagao Channel: An easy-to-understand explanation of ivermectin)

Dr. Kazuhiro Nagao (Nagao Channel: Gift from Dr. Satoshi Omura)

Dr. Kazuhiro Nagao (Corona Channel: Ivermectin and vaccine sequelae)

Dr. Kazuhiro Nagao (Corona Channel: Answering questions about ivermectin)

Dr. Kazuhiro Nagao (Look at the aftereffects of the vaccine)

Ivermectin: for vaccine side effects?

About Dt.morimori's corona vaccine and ivermectin

What is Ivermectin?

Ivermectin Information Agency

List of clinics that prescribe ivermectin

The next thing I would recommend is 5-ALA.

5-ALA is 5-aminolevulinic acid, a kind of natural amino acid. Originally effective for cancer, diabetes, fatigue, insomnia, beauty, etc., it has been focused on with the emergence of coronavirus, and now it is used not only for the treatment of coronavirus infection, but also for the aftereffects of vaccines and as a countermeasure against shedding. is included. The difference with ivermectin is that this is a supplement, not a drug, and that it is easy to purchase, including Amazon.

This is also the source of our power, a kind of lubricant that activates the work of the Tochondria, the factories of energy production. As long as we have ALA, we can stay healthy. However, although this ALA is also produced in the body, it peaks at the age of 17 and decreases to about one-fifth of the peak at the age of 50, and then declines with age. Therefore, it is necessary to inoculate from the outside.

ALA also works similarly to ivermectin, preventing the binding of cells and viruses, suppressing the increase of viruses, suppressing immune runaway, and stopping the progression of aftereffects. It's also a great supplement because it works to keep people with underlying medical conditions from getting worse.

And now, 5ALA is active in cancer treatment, diabetes treatment, anti-aging, insomnia, recovery from fatigue, Parkinson's disease treatment, and malaria treatment. It's a fantastic supplement.

When I feel something is wrong, I try to take this first rather than taking ivermectin. ALA is basically a healthy ingredient in natto, bananas, spinach, tomatoes, black vinegar, sake, etc., so many people drink it for beauty and health reasons. In that sense, it is highly effective, and I always have it on hand as a supplement that can be taken more easily.

Nagasaki Broadcasting: About 5-ALA

Nagasaki University: Confirmation of suppression of viral corona infection by Research /5-ALA

Dr. Atsushi Nakamura's Note (5-ALA and shedding)

From the same note (vaccine sequelae and 5-ALA)

The Miraculous Substance ALA Medical Revolution (AMAZON)

All of the ``autophagy'', ``ivermectin'' and ``5ALA'' mentioned above are all together

Invented by Japanese researchers and Japanese research institutes. Moreover, he has received two Nobel Prizes. In other words, Japan has such a wonderful "corona infection control tool" or "treatment method", so as a developed country in corona treatment, it should lead other countries, and there is no way out. I should be able to open the door, but why is it that I'm walking in a irrelevant direction no matter how long it takes? . .

As I mentioned earlier, at the time of the Meiji Restoration, even in the midst of the three major hardships of the Black Ships, the great earthquake, and the famine, Japan used its wisdom to face these difficult problems and overcome national disasters. I got over it. To build a better future.

The NHK news reported that a monkeypox patient, which is currently spreading around the world, was found for the first time in Japan. Bill Gates, who predicted this situation in advance, and the “1% who have it” will take this opportunity to get new vaccinations and involve people around the world with “fear”.

The main symptoms of monkeypox are fever, headache, swollen lymph nodes, and a shingles-like rash. All of them are symptoms brought about by immunosuppression caused by vaccination, and the cause is not the monkey but the vaccine.

In other words, in the future, if the above symptoms appear among those who have been repeatedly vaccinated, they will be diagnosed as monkeypox, not as a vaccine sequelae, in order to protect the theory that vaccines are good. However, just like the corona virus, new medical measures and infection prevention measures will be introduced. It goes without saying that one of them is a “vaccine”.

However, in severe cases of shedding damage, the unvaccinated side may also show similar symptoms. So, with a new infectious disease as an opportunity, an even deeper discontinuity may occur there.

This is why I believe that anyone, whether vaccinated or unvaccinated, can immediately put into practice the above-mentioned coronavirus, based on my own experience. I have listed various measures this time as measures against infectious diseases, measures against aftereffects, measures against shedding, and, of course, measures to strengthen the immune system. Please use it as a reference.

However, I'm not a medical professional either, so if you're concerned about your health, I suggest you consult the experts above.

If the storm of vaccinations around the world, which began in earnest in 2021, is the first chapter of this corona disaster, then as a result I think that what can happen is the second chapter of the corona misfortune. This is my idea for that. In any case, in order to protect this body, which is the temple of God, and to protect our relationship as a safe and secure family of God, we must protect our bodies against all possible health problems that may occur in the future. While praying to the Lord who is the healer, I will tell you in the end that we are required to do what we can do on the human side.

Anyway, now is the crossroads.

What is required of us is not to keep pace with the "fear" created by this world, but to be the salt of the earth and the light of the world, we Christians.

If we both accept that each other is a cracked ball of mud

The Lord will open the way for resolution and reconciliation there.

So I want to express that path through art and messages.

Finally, I'd like to mention the ones that I've personally been happy to try.

・Vegetable Soup (See JC Creative Art Ministry blog post: Vegetable Soup and a Walk)

・Fulvic acid (Amazon URL)

・Pine needle tea / pine needle extract


・Vitamin C 1000mg (Amazon URL)

・Vitamin D

・Glutathione (shedding/especially good for graphene oxide detoxification)

・Japanese tea

・Fermented foods

Finally, this is also a must-see.

Dr. Masayasu Inoue (Spike protein detox anyone can do)

That's it. thank you very much.

I think that this is "what a person can do". In Chapter 12 of Acts, Peter, who was preaching the gospel, was caught by Herod the Great, who did not like the work of the Apostles, and was imprisoned. , was shown to have been chained to two chains and kept under constant guard by the soldiers.

But the Lord sent his angel to wake Peter from his sleep in prison during the night. Then he said to Peter, "Get up, put on your belt, and put on your shoes." Peter did as the angel said. Then the angel opened all the gates, led Peter to the way of escape, and rescued him from all calamities.

The Lord is Mighty, Healer. So the Lord is our Savior, the Great One who can do the work of His hands beyond our power.

However, as in Acts 12, the Lord does not interfere with what people should do.

This time, I was keenly aware of the difficulty of communicating about this coronavirus and the corona vaccine turmoil. But even so, I thought that this is what people should do, and expressed it.

Our Lord is the Lord of Healers.

I pray daily to the Lord for everyone I care about, including their health.

In the end times, each person should be a "shining mud dumpling" that reflects the light of the Lord. Remember, expect everything from the Lord. . .

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