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The story of the recovery of King Rehoboam and Southern Judah in the 2nd chapter of Covid Disaster.

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

(Translated by Wix auto-translation)

With the government's declaration of the end of the corona crisis on May 8, and the declaration of the end of the new corona emergency by the WHO, the long curtain of the corona pandemic over the past three years has come to an end for the time being, nothing to look back on. . .

What was this Corona Pandemic all about? The LGBTQ transgender issue, the Russian-Ukrainian war, the minor card issue, the tax increase issue, the food issue, and immigration policy leave only various questions. . . When one thing ends, all kinds of problems come at the same time without even being given a chance to look back on it. . . We are exhausted and worn out in the course of our daily lives, and spend the day just looking at the reality in front of us as if it were someone else's life, being busy with our daily lives. . . Isn't that the situation?

As a "Christian" living in the present age, corona + apocalypse = everything with cheap criticism like conspiracy theory anyway Reality doesn't allow a return to the 'endless daily life' like before. As a continuation of the above blog, this article aims to restore the divided world from the story of Corona + South Judah, against the division of the kingdom of God, which is likely to become even sharper in the future. What is the ``pain we must be aware of'' and ``recovery'' from it? is drawn.

This time, this carefully planned "Corona Pandemic" left behind our will and actions, anxiety and discomfort, everything, suddenly started, suddenly expanded, and before we knew it, with the government The media united and continued to spread false information, exaggerated information, and distorted information every day, inciting people with the fear of "Corona" without giving people a chance to harbor doubts, and on top of that, I've been promoting ′′ vaccination ′′ as much as saying that this is the only salvation. (by Fujie date)

As a result, however, as is clear from the demographic statistics of Japan mentioned above, Japan has recorded the largest abnormal number of deaths since the end of the war since the start of the corona vaccination. At the same time, the number of corona infected people is the highest in the world, the number of serious cases is overwhelmingly large, and there are many voices of vaccine sequelae and shedding damage all over the country. It is a level that can no longer be hidden. So, little by little, some of the media began to acknowledge the truth and began to speak in low voices.

The above link is on NHK News Watch 9, and from May 8, the position of coronavirus infections has changed from the previous type 2 to type 5, and it is a type of seasonal cold similar to influenza. When it is decided to handle NHK asked for interviews with bereaved families who lost their families to the aftereffects of the vaccine, but due to deliberate editing, the victim's bereaved families sued them for broadcasting the people who died from the vaccine aftereffects as if they had died from the corona virus. Under the review of , he admitted the error, officially apologized in the broadcast, and took disciplinary action against some of the people involved.

Maybe this is the moment when the existence of "vaccine aftereffects", which until now had never been dealt with except by some local stations, was recognized on the national broadcast as a public fact that can no longer be erased. However, they are still silent about "shedding damage". There must be a reason why it is not accepted.

Thus, as a result of the government-led vaccine offensive over the past two years, the country has seen all the falsehoods so far, along with false voices made by the media saying, "I'm glad the corona ended safely." is about to be swept into oblivion.

The following issue is from the blog of Dr. Nakamura, director of Nakamura Clinic, who has been warning about vaccines and everything else since the outbreak of Corona.

The answer is the transition of "the storage period of Pfizer's corona vaccine".

The storage period, which was originally six months, suddenly became nine months, and the site was confused.

In the first place, the fact that the storage period of pharmaceuticals was extended was unprecedented, and the site decided to correct this by handwriting. After that, 9 months became 12 months, and the extension was repeated to 18 months, which tripled the initial period. Because it is something that enters the body, the expiration date should be the most important thing to pay attention to. changing to Furthermore,

Pfizer's vaccine was originally required to be stored in ultra-low temperature (-90 to -60 degrees), and the storage period after thawing was initially 5 days, but it was eventually It's been fine for up to a month. However, five days is one month, which is an extension of six times the period. Why are such changes allowed? A drug that goes directly into the human body was stored under such a sloppy management system. I never said it out loud in the media, but it's funny no matter how you look at it.

In addition, the bivalent vaccine for Omicron was originally brought to Japan as a stock disposal that was no longer administered in the United States, so the Japanese people do not have a storage period or shit, and there is no benefit to injecting it. had been beaten. Now for the next question.

This is the transition of inoculation period. The vaccination interval was [8 → 6 → 5 → 3 → 12], and it was said that the second to third vaccinations should be at least 8 months apart. After 3 months, it was finally decided that once a year would be enough, and on the contrary, double vaccination with influenza vaccine is also good.

In the first place, it seems to be common medical sense that repeated vaccinations in a short period of time is not good because it puts a burden on the human immune system, but where did it go? Dr. Nakamura said he was more than amazed.

Also, the above twitter article was the other day at the after-corona symposium held in Izumiotsu, Osaka, and Yasufumi Murakami, a Japanese sensible expert who has been warning about vaccines for a long time, Professor Emeritus of Tokyo University of Science, It was written about the key points of the lectures given by Professor Emeritus Seiji Kojima of Nagoya University and Dr. Takayuki Toyoda as panelists. These lectures are now being held all over Japan.

Also, as we saw in Dr. Nakamura's lecture at the OCC the other day, even in the Christian world in Japan, he and his brothers and sisters actually experienced the health damage caused by vaccines, Activities to know the truth have been started, such as feeling uncomfortable with the vaccine policy. It's wonderful. I pray that this good stream will become a bigger stream.

The first thing to know is that booster vaccinations have not progressed overseas since August last year. So about the fact that Japan is the only country that is still hitting five or six times.

The other is the fact that the more you vaccinate, the more likely you are to get infected. Until August last year, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare announced the vaccination and infection status, but it was discovered that the number of infected people who had not been vaccinated was intentionally increased, and since then it has stopped publishing. . Actually, it is as shown in the figure below. The more you hit this vaccine, the easier it is to get coronavirus, and the more severe it becomes. However, if you actually die, it will be treated as a corona (related) death, not a vaccine death. The country will never admit that the vaccine is the cause. I try not to admit it. But that number has already exceeded 400,000. How many people know this fact?

There is plenty of other evidence to support that this vaccine does more harm than good and that this corona pandemic is just a farce, but that is not the purpose of this article. So please do your own research on Duckduckgo, Nico Nico Douga, and Twitter. There will be many.

In this way, despite the anxiety, discomfort, and outright strange events of the people, despite the fact that this vaccine does more harm than good, I may be one of its victims. There are also people who don't want to think that way, and even if a similar situation happens in the future, looking back will be "pain" for many people. Society moves to seal the facts and live as usual again. However, contrary to such thoughts, the second chapter of the corona disaster in Japan has already begun.

In fact, the country is already suffering from an overdose of this 'slow-acting vaccine' that manifests itself over time. How many people are aware that it has become a "vaccine sequelae powerhouse"?

For example, we are like each other standing in an area swallowed by a tsunami. Some climbed onto roofs and waited for rescue, others fled to safety zones, and others continued their normal lives without noticing the tsunami. Isn't that the case?

But really, who could have resisted this wave? At the time of 2021, everyone was on the flow, whether they looked right or left. . . Because no one could resist the flow. The wave of absurdity swept in like a tsunami, shunning those who denied it, and engulfing them all before they could defend themselves.

In Japan's unique cultural barriers, we basically follow authority and look around. I am working so that I will not be ashamed of myself. I think it was certainly difficult to resist this tsunami-like vaccine offensive amidst that pressure to conform. In addition, the government's claim that getting vaccinated itself is "compassion" for others, and it goes without saying that this was a major factor for Japanese people, who are emotionally rich and full of compassion for others, to get vaccinated. .

Grandchildren for their grandparents, pregnant mothers for their children, children for their parents, and husbands for their wives. . . I got vaccinated. . . An unfair world spread.

Exactly 10 years ago, after the Great East Japan Earthquake, when the invisible fear of radioactivity ran through the Japanese archipelago, people who were caught in it rushed out of Japan or came from Fukushima Prefecture to other prefectures. As if people were discriminated against, radiation was replaced with coronavirus, and under the name of "clinical trial", from 6 months old infants to children, pregnant women, young people, middle class to elderly people, see the figure below. More than 80% of all citizens have been vaccinated by the prime minister's mysterious shout.

What does this person want?

By the way, the vaccination status as of July 2023 is as follows.

Of course, at this stage, not everyone is facing clear vaccine damage. Some people are fine with no problems. A lot of people would actually say that. It is a matter of gratitude. If you can live in that peace, that's the best.

But if there's one thing I'm concerned about, it's that this vaccine isSlow acting vaccine There is. In other words, this vaccine is a delayed-onset vaccine that is designed so that some symptoms appear one or several years after the injection, not to mention the side effects immediately after the injection. This is because it works to weaken the human body over time by suppressing its function and increasing the production of spike proteins in the body, which may result in vaccine sequelae or, in some cases, immunodeficiency syndrome. .

That's why I've been feeling unwell lately Am I the only one who thinks that the number of people who develop some symptoms or develop cancer is increasing? As I said, rapid aging, shingles, the unseasonable flu, syphilis, unnatural illnesses, or the common cold somehow become serious illnesses. The more vaccines you take, the weaker your immune system becomes, making you more susceptible to illness. As a result, it becomes easier to catch Corona. In addition, the western countries have already stopped recommending this vaccine because it is easier to get serious. This is a fact supported by European data. However, Japan is the only country in the world that continues to hit the 5th and 6th times.

And one third of this vaccine contains a saline solution called placebo, the so-called "blank gun". Because it's like Russian roulette. Therefore, if there were no side effects after vaccination and no change in physical condition after that, the vaccine was a placebo.

But we must not forget that this vaccine is still in clinical trials. As written in the agreement. Therefore, if there is a placebo in it, the contents and concentrations contained are different depending on the lot number of each vaccine. That's why some lot numbers have a lot of casualties and other lot numbers have nothing. However, if you are vaccinated over and over again, the chances of hitting a vaccine other than a placebo naturally increase. That is why people who have been vaccinated and have had no problems should not get any more.

The important thing is not to vaccinate anymore. In addition, if you are concerned about poor health after vaccination, we recommend that you visit a doctor's office or clinic that belongs to the National Volunteer Doctors Association. Some places are doing online medical treatment. Also, what I personally can do is take ivermectin, vitamin C, zinc, 5ALA, fulvic acid, glutathione, vitamin D, etc., as well as things that activate mitochondria in cells, such as homemade enzymes and vegetable soups, and phytochemicals. Switch from a food-centered diet to a Japanese-centered diet (brown rice, fermented foods: miso, tofu, soy sauce, natto, etc.). In the summer, you can do moderate exercise, walk barefoot on the beach, and farm work in the sense that you can touch the soil. Anyway, it is important to keep the intestinal bacteria healthy and rich, and to increase immunity in a natural environment as much as possible. This is also detailed in the link below, so please refer to it.

In the first place, the government-led vaccine offensive that began in 2021 is that the coronavirus is a powerful and unknown virus that we saw in the video of people falling down in Wuhan at the beginning of the pandemic. What I experienced after landing was nothing like the seasonal flu. (Actually, even in other countries, people have never collapsed like that due to coronavirus, and that was a farce by crisis actors, and Wuhan was a large test site for 5G, so the influence of electromagnetic waves I've heard various voices, but one thing I can say is that because of that, everyone has come to realize that Corona is a scary thing.

After that, the Wuhan strain became the alpha strain and the delta strain, and the number of patients with respiratory disorders increased, and the mass media reported that Ekmo was dispatched every day, the hospital was overwhelmed, the number of infected people increased, and the fear of mutant strains. continues to instigate the horrors of the coronavirus day after day, and along with that, scholars say that the elderly and those with underlying diseases are more likely to become seriously ill, and the prime minister himself said that vaccination is the only way to go. In fact, the hospital was not tight, there were extra beds, and the accuracy of the set rotation speed of the PCR test that reacted even with cola was doubtful, and the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare also falsified the data on the number of infected people. And so, the Japanese government continued to advance this vaccine policy using all kinds of hands.

First, targeting the elderly, who make up two-thirds of the Japanese population, prompt vaccination. As the word "wakuhara" became popular in the workplace, this country has taken advantage of the pressure to conform, which is unique to Japanese people, and thoroughly promoted vaccinations, masks, disinfection, and other infectious disease countermeasures. .

Since then, we have continued to appeal to the entire population, including pregnant women and infants, through the media, mainly government scholars, about the fear of corona and the need for vaccines.The fourth, fifth, and sixth times. Vaccination in Japan continues to progress while causing unprecedented damage in the world.

In fact, Japan has been the most vaccinated in the world since the start of the corona vaccine. In addition, we have thoroughly implemented measures against infectious diseases such as masks and disinfection. I believed it was good. Otherwise, I wouldn't have vaccinated so far. Nevertheless, as can be seen from Japan's demographic statistics, Japan is currently recording the highest abnormal number of deaths since the war, and the number of dispatched ambulances is also the highest in the country, and an abnormal number exceeding 400,000. In addition to the number of corona-related deaths, the number of people infected with corona has also become the highest in the world.

In other words, all measures against infectious diseases, including this corona vaccine, were failures, and there was no such thing from Hana, whether it was a preventive effect or an effect to prevent aggravation. The falsification of data by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare speaks for itself. All this has been done to vaccinate the public.

And recent research has shown that genetically engineered DNA "SV40" is present in mRNA vaccines, especially in booster shots for the third transition. It became clear that there was This is the substance that induces people to develop cancer. Therefore, recently, among those who have received the vaccine, there are many people who suddenly develop cancer, or who suddenly develop stage 4 cancer, so-called turbo cancer, and researchers say that vaccination is the cause. says.

Because of secret agreements with pharmaceutical companies, the government will never admit it, but recent cases of herpes zoster, myocarditis, fatigue, hives, brain fog, irregular bleeding, dementia, thrombosis, chest pain, and worsening of the eyes , hair loss, breathing disorders, miscarriages, syphilis, AIDS, deafness, walking difficulties, sudden aging, skin diseases, etc. are all the aftereffects of the corona vaccine, not the aftereffects of the corona virus. This is the reason why this vaccine is also called a genetically modified vaccine or a genetically modified vaccine. Because in the vaccinated person's body, by reverse transcription of mRNA or by genetic recombination of DNA, the cells of the body are rewritten so that the cells of their own body continuously produce their own spike protein. .

In the beginning, the government explained that mRNA never reverse transcribes and disappears from the body in 30 minutes. That's why many people hit it with confidence. However, according to some research results, it has been reported that the spike protein continues to be produced even in the human body one and a half years after vaccination. In addition, this vaccine has the function of suppressing and lowering the human immune system, so the spike protein continues to be produced, but the immune system continues to decline, resulting in the worst situation.

In addition, if this spike protein flows through the bloodstream, whether it is an organ, lung, heart, or brain, it will cause the above symptoms, and as a result of the weakened immune system, Symptoms such as shingles and syphilis may never appear if the immune system is working normally.

The government must recognize these facts and do their best to help the aftereffects, but they also have the mass media and launch only waves of promotion. So first of all, we have to notice the malice. Because it's never what the Lord wants.

And that's not all. Surprisingly, it is said that spike proteins produced in the vaccinated person's body are released and spread to the outside world through the sweat, breath, and bodily fluids of the vaccinated person. Nearby people are therefore exposed to its effects, like passive smokers. This is called shedding.

Furthermore, people will be affected by shedding in the order of high-dose vaccination < low-dose vaccination < non-vaccination. And the symptoms are similar to the damage of the aftereffects of the corona vaccine described above, and depending on the person, it will be difficult even to lead a daily life. In other words, the damage of this vaccine is no longer only the vaccinated, but the non-vaccinated is also in the damage, the pain. This is a fact that Pfizer itself has acknowledged as a precautionary note on vaccines before vaccination, and it is considered particularly dangerous for pregnant women.

And the troublesome part of this shedding is that it creates divisions between people. This is because those who are near the inoculated person who emits the spike protein to the outside world will be affected. . . Of course, not all vaccinated persons become continuous transmitters (Transmitters), but many become Transmitters during the first month or two after vaccination. Therefore, repeated vaccinations are unkind to people, and they harm not only their own health, but also the health of their neighbors.

It is the same whether it is a company, a school, a home, or a church that is the family of God. This shedding problem creates pain and division in all relationships. And the flow is getting worse as the vaccination goes on. So here is the challenge as a church. And that's why we must stay awake. But, we have a good news now.

Last August, as a result of advanced research on coronavirus and coronavirus vaccine sequelae, a laboratory at the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences of Josai University in Japan reported the existence of 'Nattokinase' as a method to effectively break down and even eliminate the spike proteins that vaccinators have taken into their bodies along with mRNA. The research was published in the European scientific journal 'The European Journal of Science'. This was echoed in the European scientific journal Molecules, and other researchers, including Dr Peter McCullough, an American cardiologist, and Dr Robert Malone, a virologist and immunologist, have also suggested that the use of Nattokinase is an effective detoxification method for vaccine sequelae, or spike proteins. proteins, as an effective detoxification method.

Nattokinase is originally a component of natto (fermented soybeans), which Japanese people have been familiar with and have eaten on a daily basis since ancient times. In other words, it has so far been proven here that Japan has again been given the way ahead of the world in the treatment of coronavirus or post-vaccine sequelae, such as ivermectin, autophagy and 5ALA.

About Nattokinase

Association of OrthoCurcular Medicine article

Dr Peter McCullough

Dr Robert Marlon

FLCCC new protocol (guidelines for the treatment of post-vaccine sequelae) including Nattokinase

The following protocols are also good, according to Dr McCullough. They are all available on Amazon and elsewhere, and can also be purchased in person.

1, Nattokinase 2000U twice daily (natto)

2, Bromelain 500 mg once a day

 (pineapple, green papaya)

3, Curcumin 500 mg twice daily (turmeric).

  Curcumin should be taken with silicon.

This could reduce any health problems caused by the spike proteins produced by the inoculated person's body, as well as reduce outward transmission, and would also be an effective method of shedding for the uninoculated.

But why is the Japanese Government not the first in the world to spread this gospel on a large scale and contribute to the salvation of the many post-vaccine patients, pre-vaccine patients and shedding sufferers in Japan and abroad? So much material is available for this!

Isn't this where Japan is at a crossroads!

Why, on the contrary, is the government continuing to instigate and strike people and further traitorous policies by using its own country, Japan, as the final repository of unwanted vaccines from all over the world? Why is it accelerating this trend?

Furthermore, the bivalent vaccine conducted in May and the XBB vaccine scheduled for September have not been tested on humans at all. has been moved. It is a special vaccine that is only available in Japan, and is said to be a human experiment using Japanese people in other countries. In other words, the government is aware of this, and is offering the lives of its own people to pharmaceutical companies as a test subject.

As evidence of this, a new mRNA factory has been built in Minamisoma City, a Japanese branch office of CDC has been established in Shibuya, a Japanese branch office of Pfizer has been established, and the University of Tokyo, the highest academic institution in Japan. recently announced a research partnership with Moderna. Confectionery maker Meiji Seika is also working with Arcturus Therapeutics, an American RNA biomedical company, to develop a product that can be used on both humans and animalsWe are developing a self-propagating mRN vaccine (replicon vaccine), which is Among them, mRNA proliferates 20 times more than before, and we are currently applying to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare for domestic manufacturing and marketing approval. In other words, a vaccine that is 20 times more powerful than before will be manufactured and sold in Japan in the future.

Even though the end of Corona has already been declared, why do American pharmaceutical companies move to Japan with factories, branches, and Is it necessary to partner with universities and companies? This is because "from now on" will be a phase in which various health hazards will appear in response to the results of this clinical trial vaccine. Furthermore, it is planned to expand the damage. In other words, it is the turn of the pharmaceutical companies.

This is not just a problem in Japan. Did I say that the whole world was swallowed up by a wave of man-made viruses called corona and vaccines that do more harm than good, exhausted, worn out, weakened, and chaotic again due to this corona pandemic? In fact, many countries held demonstrations for that purpose, and the government and the people were violently opposed.

And why, throughout this pandemic, have governments (with some exceptions) become loyal "servants" of the WHO? And why did the WHO come to have so much power? The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the rest of the world's 'have 1%' are doubling their wealth in the wake of this pandemic. It can be said that it was used as a flag-bearer for the corona pandemic. Governments, including the United States and Japan, are now institutions under the authority of the 1% of the neoliberal economy.

In fact, many countries blindly follow WHO's decisions and one-sided information, purchase a large amount of emergency approved Pfizer and Moderna vaccines without sufficient clinical trials, and careful discussions It has continued to beat its own people without a fair explanation. As a result, many countries felt uncomfortable with vaccines, began to voice their objections, stopped vaccinations, conducted opposition activities, repeated riots, and won rights. However, Japan is the only country that still continues to vaccinate. It is because the government has sold the lives of the people to the American pharmaceutical companies while the people have been silent.

However, at this point, I can't help but think that the "population reduction plan" by "the 1% who have it" including Bill Gates is not just a conspiracy theory.

In fact, Bill Gates has been everywhere talking about this pandemic and about vaccines before this corona pandemic happened.

And it was Bill Gates himself who made a huge fortune through this vaccine 'business'. Pharmaceutical company Pfizer posted a profit of ¥4.5 trillion in fiscal 2021. Its major shareholder is Bill Gates himself. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation also funds the WHO. In other words, it is the de facto owner of WHO. Until now, the "1% who have it", including the United States, have been active in the war business, but in addition to that, this time the vaccine business, and from now on, it will be a battle for food and water. . Close attention is required.

When you check the movement of money like this, you can see the movement of things. During this corona pandemic, "1% of the haves" doubled their assets, while 500 million people of the "99% of the have-nots" are poor people who cannot live even a day. has become The power of their 1% multinational corporations is now moving far beyond the power of the state. This is the destination of neoliberalism.

And in this vaccine, the pharmaceutical company instructed that the government of each country conceals the inconvenient truth for pharmaceutical companies (such as the actual situation of vaccine side effects) for at least 10 years, and any damage related to the vaccine In order to protect pharmaceutical companies, absurd and unequal contracts are being exchanged between the Japanese government and other governments. The World Economic Forum, the Davos Conference, this godless world ruled by the 1% who have it, is what the Bible describes as the end times. These are the end times. But it is not the time of tribulation.

In Matthew 24 and Luke 21, it is written that wars, earthquakes, plagues and famines will occur in various places in the end times. And 2 Timothy 3 tells us that in the last days there will be difficult times. Then people will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, unthankful, disobedient to their parents, and blasphemers. . .

Also, four horses appear in Revelation chapter 6, but after the church was raptured, when the tribulation period began, "war", "famine", and "death" accompanied the appearance of "antichrist". It is prophesied that it will cover the earth and kill a quarter of the world's population. As of 2022, events as the prologue are happening all over the world. So you can see that the second coming of Christ with the rapture is not so far in the future. And then you will see that this pandemic is also a highly artificial 'plague' plan, as the end-time man's work.

In fact, as the CEO of Pfizer admits, this vaccine is not a "conventional vaccine" created to make antibodies in the human body by extracting the necessary elements from the coronavirus that exists in nature. , They clearly state that they are "artificially made vaccines" in the laboratory. And its contents are still unknown, and not all of the information has been disclosed. That's why this vaccine is labeled as being in an investigational trial, and is constructed in such a way that by being a slow-acting time bomb, we don't take responsibility for it. It is truly the work of the devil. That's exactly what the Bible says in Revelation 18:23, where the fall of Babylon the Great is depicted.

'For your merchants are the mighty men of the earth, and all nations have been deceived by your magic. It was because .

The word ``witchcraft'' in the original Greek is ``PHARMAKEIA'', meaning ``medicine'' or ``medicine''. ” means. This account itself is about the second half of the Tribulation, but the merchants (business people) were the mighty men of this earth, and all the nations used their "medicine" and "medicine." is a very modern and meaningful content. In this way the Bible always provides us with the truth.

But that's not all. Currently in Japan, not only the problem of phytotoxicity caused by vaccines, but also food problems that the country must protect the most (food additives, crickets, genetically modified foods, cultured meat, genome-edited foods, etc.) and agricultural Problems (fertilizers and seeds, acreage reduction policies, dairy farming, food self-sufficiency, pesticide issues, etc.) and all social issues (LGBTQ transgender, immigration acceptance, military entry and constitutional issues, water privatization issues, overseas Since the start of the corona turmoil, the spread of domestic excessive tax increases, the expansion of 5G (electromagnetic waves), Mynacard for management control, etc.), politicians are steering the country as if it were falling down a slope. Continuing to make mistakes, obeying "the 1% who have it" and selling Japan as a convenient piece for them, they are heading towards ruin.

In other words, this country is now completely out of our hands, and is " We are building a new country that no one wants. That is why we must now try to make a comeback as "one Christian" in this country that is going to ruin, while carrying a lot of pain.

The link below is more or less a kind of "misunderstanding" or "wrong" judgment, and it was never the best choice for the unknown virus of this corona pandemic. To the imperfect self, to our neighbors, to our church, to our imperfect self, to our imperfect others, to our imperfect church, and to God, who allowed such an imperfect situation, how we can recover from this corona disaster. What do you need in order to get started?

We who have experienced a lot of 'pain' do not stay in the pain forever, but make it all for the better. Just like King David, the hero of Israel, was a man of repentance. , the Lord will surely bless our "forgiveness choice" and its restart. This is an article written for Church Leaders around the world.

But why do we need forgiveness now?

Because all men are sinners and imperfect before the Lord. As summarized in the words Jesus prayed on the cross, "Heavenly Father, please forgive them." needs Christ's salvation and Christ's forgiveness.

Because imperfect people blaming imperfect people and taking out their anger on them is like the edge of a broken plate hurting each other. Only scars and pain remain.

But if there is Christ's intervention and Christ's forgiveness, those who have been reconciled by Christ so that the halves may become one However, they take each other's hands and become one. In other words, everything is transformed into a blessing, just like a plate that is broken in two is joined together by lacquer and gold is sprinkled on top to create a beautiful scenery.

That is why one must acknowledge the Lord, repent before the Lord, and begin by 'forgiving'.

Because that is a biblical principle.

Then, from here, from the Old Testament of Kings and Chronicles, focusing on King Rehoboam of the Southern Kingdom of Judah, "From here I would like to explore the recovery of

First of all, King David, the former king of Israel, a hero, a Christian exemplar, said to have been one in heart with God, and a man of repentance. After his death, Solomon builds the temple of the Lord and prospers. In his later years, unfortunately, due to the influence of the large number of concubines and concubines he brought in from a pagan country, he himself began to worship idols and began to perform sinister rituals. However, this triggered Solomon to touch the wrath of the Lord, and the kingdom of Israel was divided.

One of the divided kingdoms of Israel will become the northern kingdom of Israel, and the other will become the southern kingdom of Judah, and a new king will be born together. The Story of the Restoration tells the story of Rehoboam, son of Solomon and king of the Southern Kingdom of Judah.

From an early age, Rehoboam was raised among the over 2,000 concubines and concubines that Solomon welcomed into his palace, and his own mother was also one of Solomon's concubines and an idolater. Rehoboam, born as the only son of that royal family, lives in a great palace where he spends more gold, silver and labor than in the temple of the Lord, and his father and mother worship idols. I grew up watching people forced to work excessively and being exploited, and the royal family enjoying it as a matter of course, so I could not understand the true God or the pain of the people.

Furthermore, fortresses were built for each key point in the country, solidified by soldiers, no invasion from enemy countries was allowed, and all neighboring countries brought tribute to Solomon, etc., and the status and economy of the country. There is no fear of life being threatened by the enemy, and there is no betrayal in domestic affairs. In other words, there was a life without any inconvenience. However, inside it, there are over 2,000 concubines and concubines fighting for supremacy because they seek the king's grace, and the system of concubines that has been in full swing since the time of David is not what the lord wants in the first place, and the king has many wives. And as expressed in the prophet's words that one must not have a war horse, that act was sin itself in the Lord.

However, even David's concubines, whom he had counted so many, were publicly humiliated during the rebellion of his son Abishalom. Solomon, who had It was a political marriage based on the premise of security with neighboring countries. It's like a hostage. So, as his own country, the state of Israel, grew larger, Solomon paid more attention to the political relationship with neighboring countries. Originally, no matter what kind of enemy attacked, just like when the boy David defeated the giant Goliath, this is the battle of the Lord, so the Lord will protect Israel. Untalented and wise, Solomon was adept at using his wits to evade all battles.

However, as a result of relying on people's wisdom, not listening to the words of the prophet, and committing multiple sins, he ended up welcoming women from a heathen country as his concubines, and finally fulfilling their wishes. Hearing this, he built a temple of idols on a high place, and Solomon himself began to engage in sinister idolatry, such as throwing a baby into the fire.

In this way, Solomon was given the wisdom to understand the depths of people's hearts, but fear of unnecessary enemy nations caused him to repeat political marriages and squeeze taxes and labor from the people to build a palace. By doing so, he bought the anger of the people.

Moreover, the worst of all was Solomon's attitude of making him his concubine and concubine, regardless of whether it was a political marriage or not, in and out of the country. One theory holds that Solomon was a sex addict, but even though the Lord gave him wisdom, he was unable to turn his attention to his own human weaknesses and admit that he was only an imperfect sinner. Otherwise, man tries to walk by his own strength. As a result, faith becomes a mere shell, and that wisdom also becomes wisdom to meet one's own desires, and as a result, sin piles up sin.

In addition, in the palace, it is impossible to treat each concubine and concubine equally, so Solomon can only establish relationships with money, luxury living, and getting what he wants. It seems that it was no longer possible to cover Therefore, within the palace, the grace of the king is not something that can be obtained by humble faith in the true God and its dignity, but by demanding and getting what one wants from the king, especially from a heathen country. The people who came had no faith in the true God from the beginning, so they just continued to demand what they wanted. As a result, pagan idols, such as those of Baal and Asherah, began to be created in the country, and Solomon himself gradually became involved in idolatry in accordance with their demands.

That is why Rehoboam grew up starving for his father's love and seeing his idolatrous mother. In addition, because the environment in which I was placed was something that I could not control, I affirmed it in my complicated thoughts and grew up based on my distorted ethics and faith.

And after Solomon's death, when Rehoboam himself became king of the southern kingdom of Judah, perhaps due to the influence of his mother who was an idolater, he also voluntarily practiced idolatry, and due to the influence of his father, nearly 60 people. He took wives, and especially loved idolatrous wives. Therefore, even in the ritual of idolatry, he was not satisfied with temple prostitutes alone, and even took in temple male prostitutes, and piled up many times the sins committed by his father Solomon before the Lord.

Also, in steering the country, he did not have eyes to discern the essence of things, ears to listen to the people, or a mouth to speak the truth, so he served his father Solomon even in important situations of national affairs. Instead of listening to the voices of his elders, he makes a big mistake by making decisions for the state in the midst of discussions with the palatial dumpsters who have served him.

And the failure was denounced by Jeroboam, who was established as the king of the Northern Kingdom of Israel. This is "family crime". A child whose father is an alcoholic says that despite having suffered a lot from the pain, when he grows up and becomes an adult, he too becomes an alcoholic in the same way. Sins, ancestral sins, continue to unfold in children and descendants until they are cut off by the Lord. Thus begins the battle against idols in the southern kingdom of Judah.

There is a scripture about idols in Philippians 3:19, but as it says, ``Their God is their desire,'' idols are things that people create in the first place, and people's desires create them. It is. And a god created by human desire will be a god full of desires, just like the person who created it. Therefore, while Christ is a "tolerant God" who gave life, freedom, love, and joy to people through his death on the cross and resurrection, he is a "demanding God" to people. The coming god. Therefore, instead of responding to people's desires, idol gods rob people of their freedom, joy, love, and "life." That is the tragedy of idolatry.

As a result, the Lord allowed Egypt to invade the Southern Kingdom of Judah. In the fifth year of King Rehoboam, Shishak, king of Egypt, came to the southern kingdom of Judah, that the Lord would chastise his beloved, that Rehoboam might return to the true God through his pain. The Kingdom of Israel, which until then had stood as an impregnable kingdom, had lost faith in the Lord and turned to idols. And Rehoboam was robbed of everything, from the gold and silver of the house of the Lord to the treasures of the royal palace. On top of that, the golden shield that King Solomon had made was also lost, and Rehoboam made a bronze shield instead. In other words, it is said that gold has been reduced to copper.

I wonder if the same can be said for Japan today. . .

At the time of the Meiji Restoration, even in the midst of the three major hardships of black ships, earthquakes, and famine, Japan used its wisdom to face difficult problems and overcome national crises. Also, in the last war, Japan sacrificed everything to protect Asian countries and its own country from the wave of colonization by Western powers, in order to build a better future. In other words, all of our predecessors fought for the future of Japan. As a result, we are here now.

But what about Japan today? Since becoming Prime Minister Kishida, Japan has become more than ever a subordinate state of the United States, an ATM of the "1% who have it", and politicians are more concerned with protecting their own interests and positions than defending the country. They are sacrificing the people for their sake, selling Japan by pieces, and continuing the policy of betrayal until this country collapses.

And the fact that it is only harmful to the country and does not benefit the country, Ukraine, which has provided a lot of financial and physical support in national policies, recently expressed gratitude. For some reason, Japan didn't even say a single word of thanks when he officially released the video titled "To 31 Countries". It can be seen from the slavery that does not serve any national interest.

It all started with the Corona pandemic. . .

And the tragedy that is happening in Japan now is the health damage caused by being caught in the idol of vaccines. This is because only Japan, unlike the rest of the world, believes in the idol of vaccines, has been robbed of everything by it, and is about to be robbed even more in the future. . . King David, King Solomon, and even the glorious kingdom of Israel, due to the sin of idolatry, the nation declined and was divided, and even after the king (Rehoboam) changed, they continued to commit more sins, and before they knew it, the nation had lost money. It has gone from being a country to a country of copper, and in an instant it has gone from being a member of a developed country to a declining country. . . Japan is no different.

For the past two years, we have been made to believe that the idolized "corona vaccine" is a good thing, and have accepted it uncritically. And it has been accepted over and over again. As I said earlier, the idol is the "requesting god." And God is the one who takes everything away. So if you allow the request even once, it will make endless requests over and over again. and take it away. That is the idol god. So vaccine idols claim our health, they claim our lives, they claim our families, they claim our lives, they claim our lives. And if we allow it, it will take everything away.

In other words, as a result of riding on the government's vaccine policy, we were made to believe in the idol of vaccines, accepted them, and repeatedly vaccinated. As a result, not only were many important things stolen, but before we knew it, the country was also on the decline.

King Solomon was guilty of idolatry in his later years, but at the end of Ecclesiastes By now, everything has been heard. fear God Obey God's commands. This is what man is all about. For God will judge all deeds in secret, whether good or evil. "they said. Solomon himself must have felt pain in his heart as he looked back on his life. The sin I committed touched the wrath of the Lord. As a parent, it's already over. In the end, what could I have left for Rehoboam, my son and the next heir to the throne? Everything is imperfect, everything is empty. It may be too late for Solomon, with a prayer of repentance asking the Lord for forgiveness. . . But as if speaking to himself, and as if speaking to his descendants, he left his words in the book of Ecclesiastes.

Meanwhile, Rehoboam declares that 'The Lord is just', even though the invasion from Egypt robbed him of all the wealth he had accumulated since the time of Solomon. (2 Chronicles 12:6) There are those who, by nature, love the Lord and believe in the Lord, and while the unnecessary things are being cut away, they admit their mistakes and believe the Lord is right. There was a figure of

Rehoboam, who was born in such an environment as if the very birth itself was the result of sin, hungered for his father's affection and walked with idols under the influence of his mother before he could remember. Of course, I also know the faith of the previous kings such as David and Solomon, the Creator God, and the history of the Israelites. But if you don't actually live in that faith, even the stories in the Bible become just fantasies.

But part of what Solomon said at the end of Ecclesiastes was also in Rehoboam's heart. right. As a parent, even after everything is too late, the hope in the Lord lives and works.

So Rehoboam finds himself in a life-or-death battle against the Egyptian army, a kingdom full of gold, silver and idols that dates back to his childhood. When the scene and Solomon's golden shield were stolen and lost due to the invasion of the enemy army, when all those things that were originally unnecessary for him were removed, his thoughts were the faith left behind by his father Solomon. move towards words. And Rehoboam does not cling to himself as a sinner, but declares loudly, "The Lord is just." Because that's what humans are all about.

In response to Rehoboam's confession of faith, the Lord did not destroy the southern kingdom of Judah, but put an end to the Egyptian invasion and was given a peaceful period. In fact, the Lord promised to give them 'salvation'. because good things happened to Judas. I believe there is hope here. It's never too late. For the words of hope in Him live and work if we acknowledge Him.

So now is the time for Christians to stand up and speak the truth. Even if the church in Japan, the kingdom of God, is being swallowed up by the idol wave of vaccines, the word of the Lord will live and work even after everything is too late.

And the Lord promised "salvation" for Rehoboam's confession. This will be the salvation of the southern kingdom of Judah, and at the same time it will be the salvation of Rehoboam as a restoration of the wholeness of spirit, mind and body.

Thus the story of Rehoboam is a story of recovery. The story of the restoration of the Southern Kingdom of Judah, over three or four generations, progresses slowly but surely towards the Lord, two steps forward, one step back. So it's okay. It's never too late, even now. For the word of hope in the Lord lives and works. We can do it even today. Hope in the Lord For the Lord turns all things into good.

The story of the Southern Kingdom of Judah after Rehoboam. . .

After that, unfortunately, Rehoboam temporarily repented and gained the mercy of the Lord, but he did not reach the point of reforming the country by faith, and although he may have inherited the will of his father Solomon, I could not put a scalpel in my relationship with my mother, Maacah, who was a worshiper. The work of spiritual reformation was entrusted to his son Abijah and his son Asa.

Abijah also had his beginnings with his idolatrous mother. His father Rehoboam had 18 concubines and 60 concubines. She was an idolatrous woman who built a statue of Asherah in the southern kingdom of Judah. As a result, Abijah, a child, also walked the path of coexisting with idols along with his mother, but it was not a pleasure for him, but a 'pain'.

In the age of Abijah, the Northern Kingdom of Israel attacked. Since the time of Rehoboam, there have been constant conflicts with the northern kingdom of Israel, but even at this time Abijah faced Jeroboam's army, which had twice as many as 800,000 soldiers against his own army of 400,000. And just as his father Rehoboam proclaimed, "The Lord is righteous," in a pinch, he also returned to his identity as the "Son of David," and said, "The Lord is our God." ' and called his country 'the kingdom of the Lord'. And Abijah openly denounced Jeroboam's sin of idolatry, and went into battle, relying in all things upon the Lord.

This was a clear distinction between Abijah's and Jeroboam's views on idols. Abijah didn't like the idolatrous culture of the southern kingdom of Judah, at least. For him, it was nothing more than an undeniable 'pain' that he inherited as a family sin.

However, in order to attract the attention of the people, Jeroboam did things such as installing golden calves in important places in the country, buying and selling priestly offices for money, and setting the times of ceremonies according to his convenience. An idol was a means of controlling his people, and he was the leader of a false religion of his own making. I was God now. Here, the difference in "belief" in the true God between the two is written.

Thus, Abijah embraced the pain in her heart and placed her hopes on the "living and working God" whom her predecessors, David, Solomon, and Rehoboam, had risked their lives to protect, even as the pain eroded them. So Abijah made offerings to the Lord morning and evening, burned incense, prayed, and kept the commandments of the Lord, as we read in 2 Chronicles 13. We can see signs of spiritual restoration in the Southern Kingdom of Judah here.

Likewise, we are uncomfortable with the false spirituality, distorted foundations, and false sense of security that some ill-wishers create with idols. Therefore, even if we are at times dismayed by the pressure of the idols that flow like mud, and even if we are in pain, we must never forget that our hope is in the Lord. for salvation is there.

In this way, our battles are always accompanied by pain, and are unfolding in the midst of a large outnumbered force. The important thing is to admit the Lord, admit your sins, and start again, no matter what the situation is. As was Solomon in his later years, as was Rehoboam, and as Abijah. . .

In 1 Kings 15, it says that the Lord gave Abijah "a lamp" because of the faith of the repentant David. This "light lamp" is the next generation king "Asa" who will be set up to bring the people back from the idols that have eroded the southern kingdom of Judah for a long time and lead the people's spirits, minds and bodies to the Lord. ’ is the thing.

In fact, when Asa became king, he destroyed all stone and wooden idols built in the southern kingdom of Judah, and burned the image of Asherah in the river. Condemning Naamah the Ammonite, her own grandmother, who teaches and guides the people so that they may return to the law, is an idolater and an idolater, who carries on the traditions of Solomon's time. was removed from the important post, and its authority and power were removed from the kingdom.

By this, the influence and power of idols will be removed from the southern kingdom of Judah, so that the people may no longer seek idols, nor return to false and false cultures and customs, Asa's faith led him to 'spiritual reform' the southern kingdom of Judah.

And it will put an end to the spiritual depravity that began with King Solomon. became. Therefore, with Asa, the Lord evaluated that, like the former King David, ``he was one in heart with the Lord,'' and in the southern kingdom of Judah, The once peaceful era has come. . .

Moreover, this Reformation, which was Asa's great achievement, was above all a major reform accomplished through 'repentance'. . King David, once loved by the Lord as a man of penitence, mourned and clothed when sins were shown to him, including the sin of adultery with Bathsheba. and fasting and praying to the Lord from morning till evening.

And it was only by the power of the spirit that King Asa was able to force his grandmother, Naama the Ammonite, to abandon her two generations of idolatry promotion and take away all of her power.

Because man recognizes the Lord not by the power of the flesh but by the power of the spirit, believes in the Lord, and surrenders himself to the light of his glory, the idols that live within him are replaced by the light of the Lord. You can discern and reject it with a prayer of repentance. Asa did it.

In this way, in the succession of generations of Rehoboam, Abijah, and Asa, the southern kingdom of Judah is gradually becoming the master of the kingdom. In Asa's time, he regained his faith in God, and finally became one with the Lord, like King David of old.

In other words, the steps may be step by step. But that's where it all starts. No matter what kind of family chain of sin you are in, recognize the Lord as righteous, do not make yourself a victim by faith in the Lord, recognize yourself as a sinner and repent, surrender your life to the Lord, and be a perfect God. Only by obtaining forgiveness and looking up at the cross of Christ can there be a new start.

However, unfortunately, King Asa was also peaceful in his later years. , By presenting it to the king of an enemy country in the era of Solomon, he formed an alliance and escaped a crisis. But it was worldly politics. So when the prophet pointed this out, Asa's heart hardened.

We are more religious when there is nothing. Many kings sin at the end of their lives when they have all, because the Lord will test their faith, just as Abraham offered Isaac to let go of all that he had once again. is. It was the same with Asa.

It is harder to sacrifice when you have than when you have nothing. We also hope that the current situation, the current life, will continue peacefully forever without change. But the world is already in the middle of the second chapter of the Corona disaster, and we need Asa's faith.

Especially in replacement theology, like dispensationalism theology, we are in the end times, when the time of the end is near. Lord, come! ! In contrast to the faith that awaits the Lord and prays for the day when the Lord will come, it is my personal feeling that replacement theology is the eschatology of a distant day that will someday come, and its focus is more on a daily basis. I think it's something to pray for the work of the Lord for things.

In this way, depending on whether we perceive the present as the end of the world or as an event in the distant future that will someday come, the way we attach our antennas to the events of this world and the sense of tension will change. Although there is no need to forcibly link vaccines and other modern phenomena with eschatology, wouldn't it be the same as people in this world to dismiss them all as conspiracy theories? Balance is sought.

I would never equate current vaccines with signs of the beast. Because this is not the time of tribulation. So I don't want to tell all those events from the Apocalypse. But I believe, in view of contemporary events, that the Tribulation Age is imminent. That's why the Lord's words, 'Keep awake,' approach with reality.

Back to the story, after that incident, Asa's leg was sick. However, he ended up relying more on the doctor than praying to the Lord, and in the end he sadly died of illness.

Why did you die of sickness because of asking a doctor?

Relying on doctors and medicine is not a bad thing. Medicine is based on the wisdom given to people by God, the desire of doctors to heal people's illnesses, and the medical knowledge and experience accumulated by our predecessors. that's a good one. but not a savior.

It is God the Creator and God the Healer who ultimately heals our spirit, mind and body. That's why we have to rely more on the Lord while relying on medical care with wisdom.

And if we have made the wrong choice, we must not harden our hearts and rely on the Lord for the best path, and now is not the time to turn around. mosquito. King Asa's death from illness in his later years is solemn because he was a man of repentance like David and a man who rebuilt the kingdom of idols. In this way, the work of "recovery" is to choose the path of relying on the Lord in the midst of repeated ups and downs.

Now King Asa was succeeded by his son Jehoshaphat as king. Starting from Rehoboam of the southern kingdom of Judah, he is the fourth king.

He built a wall in the city of Judah, responded to the life lessons of his grandfather Rehoboam and his father Asa, who were in constant warfare with northern Israel, and defended his land from the threat of his enemies, and prepared for famine. stockpiling, and he had many brave men to defend his country. In addition, priests and Levites were placed in each city, and the people were re-educated in the law of Moses. , the southern kingdom of Judah, as a kingdom in the Lord, gave its people the faith and unity of God's word, security and security.

So the Lord greatly blessed King Jehoshaphat. In the era of King Jehoshaphat, there were no domestic battles like idolatry, and I still know the pain of successive kings such as Rehoboam, Abijah, and Asa, and the history of their battles. Because he knew what was most important.

Look at the creator God who controls the history of Israel, and from the time when there was nothing until now, keep his protection, guidance, and great love in your heart, and always acknowledge and love the Lord. Jehoshaphat knew that it was important to trust in the Lord. On the contrary, the people were a little too nice.

Since Jehoshaphat thus inherited the kingdom restored by King Asa, all its labor and economic and could be used to establish the faith of the people. Therefore, in this age, the southern kingdom of Judah was not challenged to war by any other nation. On the contrary, it became an extraordinarily powerful kingdom (2 Chronicles 17:10-12), reminiscent of the times of David and Solomon, to the extent that tributes were sent from neighboring countries. He loved the Lord, and all the people turned their eyes to the Lord and listened to his voice, and the southern kingdom of Judah finally became a nation of faith both in name and reality. (2 Chronicles 20:12-13)

On the other hand, the Northern Kingdom of Israel had a succession of dynasties, and inside it was a series of murders due to betrayal and rebellion. . After the Jeroboam dynasty, then the Basha dynasty, and then the Omri dynasty, all the kings continued their idolatry and their rites without repentance, and their apostasy grew with each generation. The chain of sins eventually leads to the "worst path" of Omri's son, Ahab, and his wife Jezebel. Here is the difference with the Southern Kingdom of Judah.

This battle between the Southern Kingdom of Judah and the Northern Kingdom of Israel is the Battle of the Lord (2 Chronicle 20: 15) Shows that it is a "war of spirits".

What about us?

From the failure of this corona pandemic, it was that most people in Japan blindly trusted the genetically modified vaccine called corona vaccine.

It is because people believe in the "idol" of the media, in the "idol" of authority, and in the "idol" of the vaccine. Believing, fearing people (peer pressure) = "idols", nothing but accepting them. As a result, instead of protecting myself and protecting my loved ones, I ended up hurting myself and hurting my loved ones.

However, this government-led vaccine offensive is also a thorough media control and thorough media control in the super-aged modern Japanese church where the average age of Christians is 62 years old and two-thirds of the members are over 60 years old. While the affirmation of vaccines and the fear of the invisible corona are fueled, even the justification of vaccination to protect important people is raised. It would have been difficult to judge. In that sense, I must say that the church bears a great responsibility for not identifying the correct information at an early stage and not telling people the truth with wisdom and love.

In fact, some Christian information magazines and their media have only circulated information that defends vaccine proponents in a tone that is in tune with the world, and on the contrary, conspiracy theories. The faction also has a tone similar to truncating those who are vaccinated from an anti-vaccine standpoint, and after all, it feels like they have repeatedly made themselves a sanctuary and thrown stones from a safe zone. They are what Paul calls "knowledgeable" (1 Corinthians 8:1:2), and they may have their own intellectual gratification, but there is no love or salvation. .

That's why this battle is already a spiritual battle that goes beyond the categories of vaccinated and non-vaccinated people and is conscious of the whole "Kingdom of God", so with wisdom and love. Until this issue is dealt with, from now on we will have no choice but to stare incredulously at the deep chasm that has already been cut. It is a division, not a recovery.

So if each of us is a sinner and does not walk in the way of Jeroboam, but walks in the way of Rehoboam with repentance, the Lord will surely follow his way. He will bless you and change all things for good. As Solomon wrote in the Book of Ecclesiastes in his later years, now is the time for Christians to rise up and preach the truth with love and wisdom, along with prayers of repentance. Even if the Japanese church is being swallowed by the wave of vaccine idols, the Lord's word of hope will live and work even after everything is too late.

May the Lord's salvation be granted to Rehoboam and the southern kingdom of Judah. . .

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